Christopher Boehm is a cultural anthropologist with a subspecialty in primatology. He researches conflict resolution, altruism, moral origins, and feuding and warfare. He has done fieldwork with Navajos, Montenegrin Serbs, and wild chimpanzees, focusing on questions of morality and evolution.

Christopher got his Ph.D. in social anthropology from Harvard University in 1972, and was later trained in ethological field techniques. He has had major research grants from The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation and the John Templeton Foundation. He also has won the Stirling Prize in Psychological Anthropology, and has been the recipient of a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship and a fellowship at the School of Advanced Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In conjunction with the Jane Goodall Research Center at USC, he is presently creating a database to further the evolutionary study of the social, political, and moral behavior of hunter-gatherers.